IP Data Platform


The IP Data Platform is a cloud-based analytics lab that provides registered users with access to the latest data science tools. Here users can interrogate the TM-Link database, upload their own data and collaborate with others.

Being in the cloud, the IP Data Platform allows for analysts to perform analytics with large datasets, like TM-Link, without the restrictions of a local environment.

The IP Data platform has the potential to allow users to learn from the experiences of others and more easily allow for benchmarking when there is a consistent approach to the analytics. While intended to be a collaborative environment, users will be able to work in both public and private environments to ensure the privacy of their work.

In addition to TM-Link, you will be able to access IP Australia’s IP Government Open Data (IPGOD) and IP Longitudinal Research Data (IPLORD) products.

As an additional benefit, PATSTAT will be available on the IP Data Platform for OECD Task Force members, allowing for further collaboration on patent data and streamlining their access to data science analytical tools.


Register for the IP Data Platform

To request access to a free trial of the IP Data Platform, complete the new user request form <<link to webform>>